Are you facing homelessness?

Unfortunately some people can find themselves threatened with homelessness. The Local Authority has a legal responsibility to assist you should this occur.

All members of the public requiring assistance under homelessness legislation in the Glasgow South Social work locality should present to the new Glasgow City Council South Casework Service.

Rowan Park

Ardlaw Street

Glasgow, G51 3RX

Tel No 0141 287 0555

If you are homeless or about to be homeless please contact them either by telephone or at the above address. If any service user has difficulties attending the Rowanpark building they should contact the South Casework Service on 0141 276 8201 for assistance.

Homeless and looking for help with a deposit?

If you cannot afford the rent deposit required by a private landlord and are either homeless or threatened with homelessness, Ypeople’s Rent Deposit Guarantee Service may find a solution to your housing needs through the private rented sector. This means they provide a written guarantee to landlords in place of the required cash deposit. To access this service you need to be assessed as homeless by Glasgow City Council South Casework Service.

For more information on the rent deposit service 0141 565 1212, email

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