How we calculate your rent

Your Rent is calculated by adding additional property amenities and characteristics to a base figure for a typical tenemental or new build property. The rent is calculated on a rent pointing sheet, which can be found in Appendix 1 of our Rent Policy.

An example

We set a base figure for a 3 Apt new build and award additional points depending on when it was built; if it is a flat or house and also on characteristics such as a galley kitchen or dining room. All characteristics on the rent pointing sheet which apply to your property are totalled, they are then multiplied by a “poundage figure” to give the annual rent.

Your local Housing Officer can inform your our latest “poundage figure” to help you calculate your rent using the form in Appendix 1 of our Rent Policy (you can download this form using the link in the Related Policies section to the right of this page.) They can also help you complete the form and answer any questions you may have regarding your rent.

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