Welfare Rights for Owners

Owners can access the Association’s Welfare Rights Service and should they have financial difficulties in maintaining their mortgage there are a range of options available to them.

Welfare Rights for Owners

Owners are welcome to use the Financial Inclusion service which works from our offices. The service can assist with debt advice, benefit claims and income maximisation among other matters. If you want an appointment please contact our customer services team to make an appointment on 0141 440 2244.

Mortgage to Rent Scheme

If you are an owner with mortgage arrears (possibly facing repossession) the Mortgage to Rent scheme may be an option available to you. This is a Scottish Government Scheme where you may be able to sell your home to an association and rent it back from the association. Elderpark is registered with this scheme. To be considered for the scheme you need to be assessed and referred through a recognised Debt Advisory Scheme such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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