Making Changes to your Tenancy

Households change as relationships start and end. If people come or go from your home, you need to let us know so that we can keep accurate up to date records and provide the best service to you.

This ensures that we can advise you on relevant changes – for example universal credit, or if you need to sign documentation to grant someone the right to takeover your tenancy agreement. We will not object to people moving into your home provided that it does not become overcrowded.

At times you may need a more formal arrangement to protect the rights of all parties. Usually such temporary arrangements are either through the tenant taking in a paying lodger or sub-letting out their home for a short period of time.

If in doubt, your tenancy agreement outlines the changes you can make to your tenancy such as applying for a joint tenancy, requesting a mutual exchange and assignation. Please be aware that you must have our written consent before proceeding with making changes to your tenancy.

Everything you need to know about the procedures relating to these changes are contained in the Policies tab. If anything isn’t clear do please get in touch with your Housing Officer.

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