Factoring arrears

Elderpark Housing collects Factoring Fees in order to provide a service to owners to maintain the common parts and developments. You have an obligation to pay the fees to allow us to carry out this service.

We understand that owners can experience financial difficulties and urge that you contact us immediately in order to discuss your account and come to a reasonable agreement regarding payment of the outstanding fees. In circumstances where fees remain unpaid an administrative fee will be applied to your account and if not resolved the following actions may be carried out:

  • We may trace the owner to their home or business address
  • We may remove the property from our block insurance policy

Court action, a Simple Procedure in the Sheriff Court may be initiated where the debt is over £150 and an active arrangement is not in place. The cost of Court action will be charged to the Owner. We will enforce decrees through a Sheriff Officer e.g. arrestment’s, attachments of property, etc.

There is an administrative charge of £20 for late payment or persistent arrears.

If you wish to speak to us about your factoring account please contact us on 0141 440 2244.

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