Our Street

Elderpark Housing aims to provide a comprehensive Factoring Service to our Owners. We aim to ensure that the common parts of the buildings and developments are maintained to the highest possible standard, while providing value for money.

We carry out inspections to identify any repair to maintenance work required. This is to keep the property and developments as tidy and safe as possible. Examples of the kind of work we carry out include:

  • Maintaining and repairing common parts in flats such as, roofs, gutters, external walls close lighting, door entry systems
  • Servicing roof safety bolts
  • Tendering, organising and monitoring close cleaning contracts
  • Repairing common boundary walls/fencing/gates
  • Removal of graffiti and rubbish
  • Landscaping of common areas, including grass cutting and maintaining shrub beds

These are examples and are not exhaustive.

Defining our Service

All owners are provided by a Written Statement in accordance with Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011. It is not a legal document but outlines the service delivery standards you would except from us and aims to explain how decisions are made. We are obliged to ensure that what we put down in the Written Statement can be confirmed by our actions in delivering the service. You can download a standard template of our Written Statement from the Policies tab.

The cost of providing this service is covered by our Management Fee. You can also download our document “Management fee information” to learn details on how the fee is calculated and what it covers.

  • Disability Confident Employer
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