Coronavirus (COVID-19) and claiming benefits

If you think, your income is going to be reduced as a result of the Coronavirus you can apply for Universal Credit (UC) and you should do this right away.

To the right of this page you will find a link from the DWP about UC and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and support for the self-employed.This covers circumstances such as:

  • You are in work, not claiming benefits, but cannot work due to Coronavirus.
  • If you’re already claiming benefit including changes to health assessment
  • There is an increase to the award for UC and working tax credit
  • Info on the self-employed income support scheme.
  • Information on making a new claim for UC

How to claim Universal Credit online

To claim UC you will need an email account. If you don’t have one, use the Google link on the right of this page to create a free Gmail account.

For the UC claim, you will need to set up a Username and Password. You will also need to set up two security questions. Should you decide to write it down, to help you remember, keep it in a safe place.

As soon as you have completed your claim input a note to your online journal advising that you have been affected by the issues surrounding the coronavirus and an advisor will contact you within a few days to verify your identification over the phone. They can also issue you with an advance payment the same day. Advance payments have to be paid back and deductions are made monthly off your universal credit claim.

If you are claiming UC or Employment and Support Allowance, you will not need a fit note from your GP.

  • If you cannot claim online, phone the Association for help. UC also have a free phone number 0800 328 5644. If you cannot get through contact our office.
  • If you are on UC and your income is affected by coronavirus, please contact work coach as soon as soon possible using your online journal.

Additional Information on Universal Credit (UC)

  • If you are in receipt of Tax Credits, either Child or Working and you claim UC, these Tax Credits will stop.
  • UC includes a Housing Element to cover your rent.
  • You not have to attend Job Centre appointments for three months, unless directed to do so for an exceptional purpose, claimants will continue to receive their benefits as normal.
  • Job Centres remain open, and will continue to support people who are not able to use phones and online, including homeless people.

Welfare Fund

Glasgow City Council Community Care Grant telephone enquiry line is suspended, but they continue to operate their Crisis Grant enquiry line, which remains open 09:00 to 16:00 each day.

Crisis Grants

If you are in urgent need of funds you can apply for a crisis grant. You can do this online using the below link or by calling them on 0141 276 1177 and selecting the option to apply for a crisis grant. If your claim is successful, you will receive your funds within 1 working day.

If you require any assistance in applying, please contact our office.

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

All existing awards for DHP awarded due to under occupancy will be continued up until 05/04/2021.

Existing awards due to benefit cap continue up until 31/08/20 after then each case will be reviewed.

All other awards of DHP will be assessed in conjunction with a new application form being submitted.

Assist Children access food provisions during the current school closures

If you receive a card for a footwear and clothing grant and/or a free school meal, the card will be preloaded with £20, equivalent to £2 per school day per child. It will be topped up on the dates specified on a letter issued to parents.

Cards are being issued on a school by school basis, phased over the coming week and they cards can only be used in Farmfoods.

If I have lost your vouchers or they have been damaged Call 0141 276 1177

Help with Fuel Costs

If you are struggling with the cost to top up your energy pre-payment meters you can speak to Money Matters for advice.

Need to Self-Isolate and have a meter payment meter?

If you need to Self-Isolate and need your prepayment meter needs topped up phone your energy provider.  They may be able to send our new cards.   This is an evolving issue and if you have any queries please contact the office as we may have more information.

Money Matter Appointments – These will be carried out over the telephone. To make an appointment please call the main office on 0141 440 2244

  • If you need a form such as PIP or UC50 complete post it through the main office letter box at the side entrance. Should you decide to sign the form, it means that when we complete it, over the phone, we can post it on for you.
  • If you require a Mandatory Re-considerations, our Money Matters adviser will phone you to complete the form and post it to you to sign. You will then need to post it to the DWP.
  • All medical assessments have been cancelled as from 17/03/2020 for at least 3 months – anyone who has appointment after this date will be advised of this.  Decisions will be made on information provided on form and any medical evidence that has been included. DWP may phone client for further information, however if they receive no reply decision will be made on information provided in applications
  • If unable to hand in form to be completed or letters to be looked at , client should phone relevant department on letter advising they are unable to complete form and request extension.






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